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Looking to buy the strawberry banana strain?


The Strawberry banana cannabis strain is an Amsterdam  Bred cannabis strain, It is a mixture of a female Banana Kush with a male Bubblegum selected from a pack of seeds originally bred by Serious Seeds. The end result is a frosty, resinous bud that’s notably easy to grow in virtually any environment, both indoors and outdoors.

The banana cannabis strain has won several awards, including 1st Sativa Flower at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup, and 1st Judges Choice at Cannabis Cup Brazil in 2016.

Strawberry Banana grows tall with green leaves and dense buds covered by a frosty resin layer. It requires a flowering time of roughly 63 days. The strain responds well to topping and produces big yields with ample feeding. Because of its heavy resin output, DNA Genetics strongly recommends Strawberry Banana for making concentrates.


So if you a re looking to order the strawberry banana strain online from us know that you will be getting a very potent strain with some good effects

Effects of the strawberry banana strain

Our plants are cultivated in the most idel conditions to give the best suitable effects, Thats why our Strawberry Banana is boasting of THC levels as high as 26%. Combined with its dominant Indica content of 70%, the strain will give you a mellow and creeping high that take about several minutes from the first toke.

At the onset, users will feel a mild head buzz that will slowly intensify into a more euphoric and uplifting high. This effect is accompanied by feelings of happiness and improved creativity and sensory awareness. thats why we mostly recommend the strawberry banana strain to our clients that after the best cannabis strain for happiness.


As the happy effects of the cannabis strain slowly kicks in, users will feel a sense of deep relaxation manifested by a full body relief that can have a slightly sedating effect. That being said, some users may actually find themselves feeling sleepy or locked on the couch for the next few hours.

Due to the delayed tranquilizing effect of Strawberry Banana, we advise our clients to mostly use the strain during the night.