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Headband strain review

This Indica strain makes your head feel like it is wrapped in something hence it's name Headband. Also known as Sour Kush, the headband produces a soft high. It is a very popular cannabis strain in the California west coast.

Effects of the Headband strain

The Headband strain is a very good strain in relieving stress and aches, it makes you feel very enlightened by creating a sensation around your head that feels like you are wearing a headband. When high on this strain it can last for about 3 hours with stronger effects felt when the smoker takes in more. Heard of that weed strain that makes your head feels like it is in the cloud? that's the headband strain, it's unique euphoria gives you a calming and soothing effect

Medical uses

Medically, the headband strain is highly recomended to treat mental disorders like depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD, for its ability to relax without making the patient feel drowsy.