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godfather OG

High THC Cannabis strain


The godfather OG strain is an offspring of a cross between XXX OG and Alpha OG. godfather OG has been tested to have THC levels of up to 28%, one of the cannabis strains with the highest THC levels in history. It is also a past High Times Cannabis Cup winner of the best Indica strain.



Effects of the godfather og bud


Our clients who've used godfather OG have testified about a cerebral high first. At first, it begins with an uplifting sensation as if a shroud is lifted off the head. Soon, smokers start feeling good and happy. As the effects intensify, the good mood turns euphoric.

After that the indica side of this hybrid strain will start lessening tensions. In no time at all, godfather OG puts users in a complete state of relaxation.

At 28% THC, the godfather og can leave some people immobile if they are not careful. If used in moderation, godfather OG is easily one of the best strains for recreational users, and we have yet to talk about its medicinal values.


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