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Girl Scout cookies

Girl scout cookies strain review

The Girl scout cookie is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, Known for it's flavor and power, the GSC strain is popular for it's clean high and effectiveness. The Girl scout cookie is a mixture of South Florida OG Kush blended with Durban Poison.

It's hybrid nature provides you with the best of both the sativa and the indica effect.

Effects of the Girl scout cookies cannabis strain

Girl Scout Cookies is known for it's potency. Users seeking for a cannabis strain that will leave them happy and give them a euphoric high can be rest assured the GSC is the perfect strain for the job. It relaxes the body without making it feel heavy. This marijuana strain gives you an energetic boost of creativity and sociability.

The GS cookie strain is good to consume with friends as it builds confidence and unwinding, a strain that causes good vibes and the desire to laugh and goof around.

What medical conditions is girl scout cookies cannabis good for?

It's is a very good strain to help calm down stress at the end of a long day, the GSC strain is also effective in treating anxiety and depression. Used by some to boost their apetite the strain can also be used for pain due to it's high levels of THC content.

Where can i buy girl scout cookies weed online safely?

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