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Blackberry Kush

Blackberry kush strain review

As a very potent Indica strain,the Blackberry kush is popular among people who have been smoking for years and recreational smokers. It smells sweet, with a strong odor and has good relaxing capabilities.

It is a Californian marijuana strain that was brought about by crossing the Afghani indica with the hybrid Blackberry. It's calming effect makes the Blackberry kush a good choice for chronic pain.

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As a strain that's best smoked at the end of the day, the relaxing nature of the BB kush strain will put you in a calm, laid-back mood, and eventually rock you to sleep. This strain gives a gentle calming effect that reduces pain or discomfort.

A Cannabis strain that smells like fruits

From it's name one won't be surprised to learn that the Blackberry kush smells like a bowl of berries. Its sweet and noticeable smell is quit distinctive and can be smelled in the room long after smoking. With regards to taste it taste exactly like the smell.

A medical effective cannabis strain

The BB kush is a strain that's mostly recommended by Doctors for a wide variety of medical conditions ranging from anxiety, stress, insomnia, minor to chronic pain, loss of appetite. above all the blackberry kush helps get rid of the nausea that may be present due to chemical cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.


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