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Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Strain as a very popular cannabis strain

As one of the most recognizable strains in the world,the Blue Dream strain is a Hybrid strain which is slightly more sativa inclined. As a strain that originated from crossing the Haze and Blueberry strain, it does have THC levels of up to 20%. When it comes to appearance, this strain doesn't hold no blue-hues, it is rather more of dark green with a yellow and orange pistils.

Cannabis strain bursting with fruity flavor and scent

Due to it's Blueberry origins it does give a fruity aroma when inhaled. The Blue Dream is a strong flavor cannabis strain.

Cannabis strain that gives you a cerebral high

This strain has a high cerebral effect and will easily lock you in fast due to it's high levels of THC. IT will make you feel energized, uplifted,warm and relaxed. It can be termed the perfect strain for a few hours of socializing and eventually a long resting night since it's effect slowly wares off.

As a perfect strain for pain and appetite

Medically, the Blue Dream strain is a perfect cannabis strain for people suffering with pain,headaches or mental fatigue. It is also a good strain to take after a long days work if feeling tired or upset. It is worth noting that this strain is very good for appetite. People with loss of appetite can count on this cannabis strain to regain their appetite.

If you want to kill down your pain or stress, have fun with friends or get energized for the day, Blue Dream has you covered.