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Pineapple Express

Best Pineapple Express cannabis strain to buy


Pineapple Express weed is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that gives you a mellow feeling. With it's long lasting and pleasurable effect,the pine express strain is suitable for a day time high. So if your looking for weed strain that will get you creative and motivated while going on with your daily activities, then you might want to consider buying the pine express strain online from us.


A cannabis strain that leaves you feeling joyous and uplifted


Smokers of this strain have testified about it's happiness feeling, it is widely known that the pineapple express bud strain has the ability to  engulf the consumer with feelings of joy and uplifted without rendering them sleepy or tired like some other strains will do. 


The cannabis strain with a pineapple aroma


With a very distinctive fragrance, The pineaaple express strain just from it's name smells like pineapple with a lil bit of an earthy smell that's very apetizing.


A medically potent strain that does not have heavy side effects


The pineapple express is a cannabis strain that controls stress without having any heavy side effects on the consumer. It calms down the nerves without slowing the mind. Good strain to also treat depression,anxiety and chronic pain depending on the consumer.

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