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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush, A Strain that gets you totally Relaxed


Afghan Kush is a typical pure breed cannabis strain that's known for it's relaxing ability and the heavy body high they give to indica cannabis consumers. As a pure indica strain, the Afghan kush is said to be one of the best cannabis strains for relaxation.



Best bud strain to releif a stressed person

The fun that comes with this kush is very smooth, with it's ability to put a very stressful person into an absolutly relaxed state. A Euphoric state is generated when smoking the Afghan Kush, this state can last for a while giving you some joyous filling. The relaxing effect of this strain leaves you feeling very positive and happy there by taking all of the stress away. So if your having a stress full day and are looking for where to get the best cannabis strain around to help you relax then you might want to consider ordering some Afghan Kush online from us at a cheap price.


Medically, this strain is very good in treating migraines and Headaches due to it's high level of CBD